Хостинг сайтов

Storage for your website

Hosting – is a “house” for your website. After the development of the website we offer to place it on the hosting, which we consider as the most relevant in our time. You as a customer will get all accesses and will be able at any time to make changes, if needed. We as a developer will be able to respond quickly to technical failures, make edits and recover activity.
You can order a domain name for the website, pay for it, move or pass it to the third party in the future. Hosting purchase is performed for at least 1 year, the domain name for the website is also bought for the same period. During this time you will be sure that your information is secure and it will not be seized by the third parties.


Step 1: Contact Details


Step 2: General information


Step 3: Goods and services


Step 4: Web site

The expected type of site*

The objectives of the website


Step 5: Materials

Signature styleФирменный стиль


Handmade graphics

The use of any graphics is preferable


Step 6: Layout and design

Mood and Association, which must be of a design*

The requirements for appearance (design) of the website


Step 7: File and examples

Files (Use any specific graphic images provided by you?)

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