We also help start-up trading companies to grow their business through data optimization.
Our products are very easy to use and clearly focused on solving narrow problems in the sales of our customers, and our services are available to everyone.

We offer a simple and convenient CRM system for working with your customers.

  • Attracting new customers or escorting existing customers.
  • Create and manage orders.
  • Creating payments for orders and data analysis.
  • Making new calls or callbacks from your customers.
  • Processing applications made through the site.
  • Storage of information, documentation, history.

Individual completion of modules for your type of activity!

What can our CRM system do?

  • Query Processing
    You can manage requests yourself, add comments, save the work history.
  • Request creation
    When a new customer contacts your company, you can save his request and work with him.
  • Account creation
    Creating invoices based on the order and sending it to the client by mail
  • Order management
    Sales, transaction support.
  • Catalog
    Creating a catalog of goods for working with orders.
  • Customer management
    You can lead the client by working with comments and statuses.
  • Customer Creation
    Creating a client and indicating his contact information and details.
  • Service catalog
    Creating a catalog of services for working with orders.
  • Create Orders
    Creating orders and managing sales and pre-sales.
  • Create Payments
    Creation of full and partial payment on the basis of the order.
  • Document storage
    Storage of files, details, acts and other documentation.
  • Data analytics
    Analytics of appeals, inquiries, orders, finances.


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