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eCommerce website – is a set of tools for doing business online.
The growth of online activity has caused increase of the demand for products and services sale over the Internet. Internet trading is very efficient. For example, the owner of an eCommerce website does not need to keep a great number of employees or products in stock. It is enough to display the products in a good quality and provide comprehensive information to pick visual interest of a user. It is very practical for a buyer. It is not necessary to go somewhere, stand in queues, languish in anticipation of buying something. Online trading has a wide range of advantages. It allows right away to see the product, examine it from different angles, get an expert consulting and make the purchase, if desired.
Currently, it is possible to sell anything over the Internet – from small things to household appliances. The popularity of your eCommerce resource depends on organization of the online store, its design, navigation, menus, payment options, filtering etc. It is necessary to give special consideration to the website language, choose a payment system, settle the goods delivery, the return mechanism and the terms of agreement. You should form all of these details from an interrogation of your customers, exactly they decide whether your website will successfully live. Well-designed goods catalog structure will help in future to avoid any unpleasant surprises with moving the products between the categories.

We will develop for you such eCommerce website that will not need to be redone. We will take into account all the particularities of the products sold, the specificity of the target audience, and meet all deadlines. Please order!

Stage: 1

Processing of technical requirements — is work on a document that contains the client's requirements to the development object. Detailed study, planning of the needed resources, timing for realization of every detail, database architecture, structuring of sections and the mechanism of logic ....

Stage: 2

Prototyping — is the process of creating the layout prototype. This prototype contains a draft of developed details of the website structure before the designer starts the work. This is a required procedure in the early stages of development in order to get all the details from a client ....

Stage: 3

Creating a page design — on the basis of technical requirements and the prototype, the designer combines on the layout all the specific colors and elements laid down in advance. In fact it is already a final visualization of the project without functionality ...

Stage: 4

Programming — is detailed work of the technical aspects of each object described in technical requirements. The development of content management system, synchronization, programming of the mechanisms, feedback forms, algorithms of search, filtering and data structures ....

Stage: 5

Slicing and adaptation of layouts — slicing is done together with programming. The process is under the full control of the designer and programmer. The output is cross-browser and adaptive composition identical to the layout, but in an “alive” form ....

Stage: 6

Filling with content and SEO optimization — is analysis of the project, collection of semantic kernel, processing of materials, images, video files provided by the client. Writing and editing of articles for their proper indexing in search engines, filling the website with products ....

Stage: 7

Uploading and setting up on the server — after all of work on the project is done, it is time for uploading and setting up. At this stage the hosting and domain name are selected, service time and smart support of the website are planned ....

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Step 1: Contact Details


Step 2: General information


Step 3: Goods and services


Step 4: Web site

The expected type of site*

The objectives of the website


Step 5: Materials

Signature styleФирменный стиль


Handmade graphics

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Step 6: Layout and design

Mood and Association, which must be of a design*

The requirements for appearance (design) of the website


Step 7: File and examples

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